Baltimore’s Best Private Detectives at THE VISA GROUP

THE VISA GROUP is one of the Top Private Detective Agencies in the Baltimore area, fully licensed and insured in the State of Maryland to operate as an Investigative Security Agency. We provide full-service Private Investigation, Corporate Investigation, Criminal & Civil Investigation, Background Checks, and Surveillance ServicesTHE VISA GROUP is the smart choice for those in need of Investigative Solutions. When working with our team, you can expect the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality. Company rates are highly competitive and client consultations are FREE of charge.

To learn more about THE VISA GROUP and our Services or to hire a private investigator contact us online or by phone at 410-691-9708

Why Choose Our Private Investigators

The quality of service and the number of providers in the investigative and security industry constantly varies. Our competitive edge is in attracting and retaining clients with the most highly trained and experienced investigators and security personnel on our team. Our goal is to provide the best value for your money, in delivering the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.

Our Investigators are there for you.

We understand that each client and their situation is different. We will work diligently to determine pertinent observations, relevant material and useful information that will help bring into focus the true facts and conditions of the incident in each case.

Professional Investigative Services

We are a fully licensed private detective and security firm in Baltimore, Maryland. We provide a wide range of professional services and deliver the results you need. Our list of services includes:

Corporate Investigation

As experienced private detectives, we have worked with many clients to provide excellent investigative work. We can conduct a variety of services to protect your business such as:

Corporate Security Investigation
Fraud Investigation
Employee Surveillance

Criminal and Civil Investigation

Our private detectives can perform a full array of professional services in your case to include:

Trial Preparation
Witnesses Locate
Witness Statement
Photo/Video Evidence

Background Checks

Our private investigator team has access to thousands of databases available only to law enforcement and private investigation firms. We use proprietary databases to find the most current and thorough information available. From looking up criminal records to finding information on missing persons, our databases are the best in the industry. The more information you can provide enhances the search time and the results, however, in many cases a full name will be enough. Our private investigator teams can find information for:

Criminal Background Checks
Personal Background Checks
Driver’s License Verification
Corporate Affiliations
Asset Searches
SSN Verification
Judgments and Liens

Surveillance Services

We can conduct covert surveillance for a variety of situations. Our surveillance services include:

Collecting Digital Video and Camera Recordings
G.P.S. Tracking

Executive Protection

THE VISA GROUP can provide armed officers upon request for Close Protection, Executive Services, Dignitaries, VIP and Special Events. All personnel are active or retired law enforcement and highly trained former military in uniform or plain clothes. Security Consulting Services include:

Threat Assessment
Risk Analysis
Security Audit
Crime Prevention
Security Guard Officers

Infidelity Investigation

As a leading private investigation firm, we can work with individuals to obtain the evidence they need to catch a cheating spouse or partner. This evidence can be used in divorce proceedings or simply to help individuals get the confirmation they need.